truck stop, I-20, Louisiana

Hwy 65 & I-20  Tallulah, Louisiana   318-574-1325
Home of Brushy Bayou Restaurant

Tallulah Truck Stop, I-20, Louisiana, Hwy 65


Brushy Bayou Restaurant 



Brushy Bayou Chef Suggestions

  STEAKS & PORK  Served with house salad and choice of potato

    BB Special - 8-oz Ribeye USDA Choice Charbroiled
With 10 fried or grilled shrimp
    Pork Chop Platter (2 charbroiled, grilled or fried) $12.99
    13-oz Choice Ribeye Charbroiled $19.45
    8-oz Choice Hamburger Steak $12.99
    8-oz Choice Hamburger Steak Stuffed w Cheese/Onions $13.99
    6-oz Choice Hamburger Steak w 10 Shrimp on a Stick $12.49

    Country Fried Steak

    Fried Chicken  With house salad and choice of potato
  2 pc Breast & Wing $5.99    
          3 pc Breast, Wing, Leg $7.99
    2 Charbroiled Breast Filets with house salad and potato $8.99
    2 Breast Filets topped with cheese, mushroom, onions $11.99
    Chicken Strip Platter with house salad and choice of potato $7.99
  SEAFOOD with house salad and choice of potato
    Catfish Filets - 1/2 lb Fried $14.99
    Catfish 1/2 lb and 3 Large Jumbo Shrimp $15.95
    Jumbo Shrimp - 6 grilled or fried $16.95
    Grill Shrimp on a Stick (10) $7.45

    Shrimp Basket - 18 small fried with fries

    Spaghetti with Meat Sauce & Garlic Bread $9.99
    Red Beans & Rice with Garlic Bread $8.99
    Hot Roast Beef (Open Face) $8.49

    Chiliburger Basket (Chili/Cheese and Onions)